Non-invasive Reviews – Thermage, Botox On Under Eyes & Jawline By Dr Calvin Chan


More than 4 months ago, I have published a post on “Can I Achieve A More Youthful Look With Non-Invasive Procedures?”.

Well and now after 4 months, I have finally proceeded with 3 of the non-invasive treatments I’ve mentioned on the previous post.

1. Botox on lower eyelid areas

2. Botox on my jawline

3. Thermage for my whole face and double chin area

So below are the reviews of the 3 procedures done by Dr Calvin Chan.


Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!


1. Botox on lower eyelid areas

Whenever I smile, deep creases or lines will surface under my eyes and that actually add years to my age. They are caused by repeated facial expressions, damage caused by sun exposure and loss of elasticity due to aging. I have tried numerous eye products before but unfortunately there is no one product that can help to eliminate the lines.

So after some tests and errors, I eventually realized that Botox injection is the best option for me. I have previously done twice by Dr Chee from Wen & Weng and I was very very pleased with the results. I decided to have my third Botox injection done by Dr Calvin Chan this round.

To get the best result, there are 3 main factors to consider – the skill of the doctor injecting it, the amount of Botox used and the type of Botox used.

Lower eyelids are difficult to treat as too much Botox can cause change to the shape of the lid, make my facial expression look stiff and unnatural. Deep creases or lines under my eyes when smiling can now be improved with just a small amount of botox actually.

And 3 months upon the injection, the deep creases are still visibly noticeable when I smile. I reckon Dr Calvin Chan has injected far too little Botox on the lower eyelids. (didn’t get to ask how much he has used) I’m not very pleased with the result and I’m very disappointed actually! I will not be going back to Dr Chan for my next Botox injection on the lower eyelid areas again.

The result will only last for approx 6-9 months.

Satisfactory Rating

Will I try it with Dr Chan again? No way!


2. Botox on my jawline

Botox has been commonly used to help defining or slimming squarish or flabby jawline. People with squarish jawline will see better result than those with flabby jawline. Botox works by weakening the muscle but not on the fats though.

I have flabby jawline and sagging jowls. I have Botox on jawline twice by 2 different doctors (Dr Z and Dr Chee) and the last done by Dr Chee was more than a year ago. The last result by Dr Chee is pretty satisfactory. So for this 3rd round, I decided to get it done by Dr Chan.

I was given 3 injections on each side of my face (slightly above the jawline). As I will be having my Thermage procedure with him too, he suggested that in order to achieve an optimal result, I should get my Botox injection done a month before the Thermage treatment instead.

3 months after the injection, my face somewhat appears slimmer and the jawline appears less flabby too. (please refer to my frontal image under Thermage review) The right side of my face appears much much slimmer than the left side (often chew food with the left side of my mouth). Dr Chan should have given higher doses of Botox on my left side. The jawline on the left face doesn’t seem to improve much.

The result will only last for approx 6-9 months.

Satisfactory Rating

Will I try it with Dr Chan again? Unlikely!


3. Thermage for my whole face and double chin area

Thermage is a popular skin tightening and skin contouring non-invasive procedure that helps to tighten loose skin on most body parts including face, arms, buttock, tummy and thighs. I actually have Thermage procedure done about 10 years ago. Back then, the first generation Thermage was very new in the market and the cost of each session was super expensive. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any result at all and it was the most unbearable and most painful non-invasive treatment I ever had.

I decided to give Thermage a shot again after consulting with Dr Chan. He claimed that this latest generation of Thermage delivers much better result than the old generation and it is less painful too.

My appointment for the treatment was arranged on a Friday night at 7pm.

Prior to the procedure, one of the consultants attended to me and she first helped to remove my makeup (using my own trial-size makeup cleanser) before taking some photos of me in 5 different angles (frontal, right side, left side, 45º right and 45º left). And then she hand me 2 pills of codeine (pain killer) with a glass of water.

Although this new generation Thermage is less painful than the older generation and Dr Chan has suggested that I can actually opt for a general anaesthetic if I can’t bear the pain. And since I have tried once before and the pain was super unbearable at that time, hence I took the option for a general anaesthetic instead.

The same lady consultant who has attended to me earlier, injected Dormicum to my right hand and I was completely unconscious within a few seconds. The next moment, I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t get to regain my full consciousness before they closed the clinic. I practically could not remember what was going on after the Dormicum injection. All I could vaguely remember was I vomited something weird in orangish color on the street before boarding a cab and finally opening my house door.

The next moment, I was woken up by my hubby who has just came home from a night out and it was passed midnight. I was actually sleeping on the sofa and I was feeling extremely dizzy and nausea. The fainting spell was super unbearable and I immediately rush to the bedroom and took off my clothing and headed straight to bed.

The next morning, the fainting spell continued and was rather serious, I couldn’t get up from bed. I was feeling super lousy, dizzy, nausea and I was having severe headache. I practically slept the whole day and I didn’t have much food as I was feeling super nausea.

The clinic contacted me in the morning and I spoke to the staff who has fetched me home. I asked her how on earth did I come home and why was I having that serious fainting spell on the next day?! Why could I not regain my consciousness after the procedure on the very same day in the clinic? What did I throw out, the weird thingy that is orangish in color? I was told I have threw out twice actually. How did they know my address?!

A few hours later, I called the clinic again and asked the staff on whether anyone has touched my bag. She claimed that no one has touched it! I could strongly remember before I lost my consciousness in the treatment room, the trial-size cleanser which I have brought from home was placed on the side desk in the room. I didn’t get to ask it back cos I was thinking I don’t really need it anymore and moreover they can use it for other patients next time. But I was extremely shocked to find the cleanser inside my makeup pouch the next day!? So can they kindly explain how on earth did this cleanser appear again in my pouch then? Did they touch my wallet? All these questions actually drive me nuts!!! Arghhhhh!!!!!!

One thing I didn’t get to ask them is that the consultant or staff who has given me the Dormicum injection, is she professionally trained and certified in general anaesthetic? She was wearing a suit and not the medical uniform actually. How much Dormicum have they injected on me? 15mg as they claimed or more? Am I accidentally overdosed?

The fainting spell and the headache continued till Sunday. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to give a call to the clinic on Monday intending to ask some of the questions again! And this round, another staff picked up my call. She was so rude and seem impatient and reluctant to speak to me. I could only barely speak to her for less than 5 minutes. I even dropped by the clinic a week later and the same rude staff who was happened at the reception treated me coldly and practically ignored me. The after service was real BAD! I was super agitated!

They claimed that some patients may get side effects with Dormicum and I’m probably one of the unfortunate ones. And it is very normal as they claimed. Since there is a high possibility that some patients might get side effects with Dormicum, then shouldn’t they advise patients who require general anaesthetic to not having procedure done in the evening? And it should be done in first half of the day instead? Why? How? There are too many questions unanswered and I’ve given up on getting the answers anyway.

Well, lets get on to the results of the Thermage treatment.

As I was given Botox injection on the jawline a month before the Thermage procedure, the compliment of these 2 treatments do help to give an optimal result. My jawline appears slimmer and contour although the right side of my face is much slimmer than the left side.

The nasolabial folds and marionette lines on my right face seem to appear less obvious. My right cheek is slightly lifted up.

There is not much improvement on the left side though. From this angle, you may still see the nasolabial fold (top arrow) and the sagging cheek and chin (bottom arrow) on the right side of my face.

There is no improvement on the double chin area too.

All-in-all, I’m somewhat pleased with the overall result although I’m still a little disappointed on some of the areas that show no improvement. I was told the results will gradually improve 3 months after the procedure (the collagen production will increase as times go by) and the results will last from 1 to 2 years depending on individual. And now after 4 months (@ I’m writing this post), I don’t see any much improvement from a month’s back.

Anyway, I will definitely be going back for a Thermage treatment again. Extremely like this treatment as it is one of the potent ways to increase collagen production and thereby delay aging.

After all the things I’ve gone through at Dr Calvin Chan’s clinic, I will very unlikely be going back to Dr Calvin Chan for my next Thermage treatment again. Although I can opt for the local anaesthetic on my next Thermage treatment but I can’t bring myself to trust them again.

So how much have I spent? Well I’m not going to disclose the individual cost and all I can reveal is I’ve spent almost S$5000 for 3 treatments in total.

Satisfactory Rating

Will I try it with Dr Chan again? No way!!


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20 Comments on "Non-invasive Reviews – Thermage, Botox On Under Eyes & Jawline By Dr Calvin Chan"

  1. espenine says:

    I don’t think your money is well spent. You look the same before and after, differences are barely barely visible.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Espenine,

    Ya I agree. I will likely not be going back to him again.

  3. Shirley says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    i admire your courage and it seems painless to u doing these procedure in the name of beauty. nevertheless the side effects r quite unbearable and need to spend a big amount.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thermage is known not to work is about 30% of people who try it. That’s why it’s not very popular in many countries, because it ends up being an expensive, painful waste of money for many patients. Dr Calvin Chan should have explained this to you.

  5. Jenny says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    May I know where did u get the data of Thermage does not work on 30% of people?? As a matter of fact, Thermage has always been & still is the gold standard for RF in aesthetics industry, for the past 10 years.
    I would suggest you try it on yourself before giving any comments.
    PS: Go to a qualified & trustworthy doctor!

    • En En says:

      I think she got the data from Thermage has a particularly low rating of 37% (last check) compared to other treatments like Ultherapy at 68%. Most of these low reviews come from overseas and not without good reason because it seems to work better on Asian skins than Caucasian skins, also on younger women (30-40s) than older (50s-60s) Because u need to understand that in order for Thermage to work u need to have a reasonable amount of viable collagen in your skin in the first place. Some responsible clinics I checked with warned me beforehand that Thermage doesn’t work very well for very mature ladies/advanced aging so not to get my hopes up. And oh I belong to an international beauty forum and indeed many US ladies have unfavorable views on Thermage and would recommend other procedures.

  6. rm says:

    Hi Shirleen

    You are very brave to try all these beauty fixes. Are you likely to try Ultherapy anytime soon. Would love to hear your reviews on this.

  7. admin says:

    Hi M,

    I probably will if I have a chance. :D

  8. Jaytee says:

    Hi Shirleen, I understand you have done botox for the jaw with both Dr Z and Dr Chee. In your opinion, which doctor produced better results? I’ve enquired both clinics and I believe both charge about the same (right?). I’m trying to decide which doctor to go to, so your firsthand experience and opinions would be really helpful. Thanks! =)

  9. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jaytee,

    Dr Chee is better though the result is superficial cos I do not have much muscle around the jawline. Usually the result will be much better if you have squarish jawline. I didn’t get to see result from Dr Z.

  10. Kz says:

    Hi Shireen

    Why don’t you try Dr Siew Tuck Wah from Sloane Clinic? I am also considering getting some aesthetic treatment done. And I am checking out the reviews of him and read quite a number of positive feedbacks.

  11. Lynn says:

    On your Botox on lower eye lid. I think you mix up dr chan n dr chee in one of ur statement.

    What are the charges like for dr chee fillers and Botox?

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Oops! Thanks I’ve amended it. I can’t remember what are the charges for fillers and botox by Dr Chee, it’s been a while since I last did.

  12. victoria says:

    Dear Shirleen,
    i have eyebags when i smile or laugh and am looking for the right doctor to botox my undereye bag.
    i did Medlite laser with Dr Calvin Chan once for treating my melasma. honestly, i don’t like him. he is not dedicated and the impression i had is he’s rushing his work with me. my girlfriend went to Dr Chan for botox injection to control her eye twitch and she said her neurologist did better job in administering botox .
    Anyway, would you recommend Dr Chee for botox injections ? i am seeking a skilful doctor

  13. En En says:

    I don’t like Dr Chan as well, had a free consultation with him on thermage, he claims my temples are hollow (nobody else thinks so) and wanted to give me some filler there which would lift up my droopy eyes? Sounds weird to me, how would filling up temples lift up my eyes? Then he seems more interested in Forex trading then talking to patients.

    Have you heard of lipodissolve? A kind of injections to dissolve fats in the cheeks? I want to look for a good clinic for that but didn’t know how to go about it. Some doctors told me thermage doesn’t reduce fats in the cheeks at all so I’m baffled.

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi En En,

      I’ve never heard of lipodissolve before. Some researches have shown that we might loss facial fat as we age.

      • En En says:

        But I’m already 33. I was born with a round face and I had buccal fat removal surgery when I was 25, after that I have an oval face until last year my gynae put me on birth control and I gained chubby cheeks again. Stopped medication but the puffiness never gone away 100%. It depresses me but it’s not bad enough to have a 2nd surgery and I don’t know what to do, do you have any suggestions? It only appears to slim the face because it firms skin right, but doesn’t really burn the fats off? I got really conflicting infos from the doctors about thermage so hadn’t tried it yet. Oh if you say we lose facial fats as we age, how does jowls come about and I read in your other post that we accumulate fats under our chin as we age? Is this true and care to explain more to me?

        • Shirleen says:

          Everyone age differently. Some may lose facial fat when they age and their face can appear sunken, hollow, or thin. My face is not sunken however I have sagging jowls.

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