Goodskin Labs Firm 365 Facial Firming Serum & Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer


Oops, here’s another super super delayed post again! <grinning> Last year, I was introduced to two new anti-aging products from Goodskin Labs – Goodskin Labs Firm 365 Facial Firming Serum with V-Technology and Goodskin Labs Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer. The preview event was held at SaSa Jurong Point store.

Goodskin Labs Firm 365 Facial Firming Serum with V-Technology is an anti-aging serum that is said to visibly firm and lift, providing a more refined contoured look. It is designed to promote skin’s natural elastin and collagen-production to visibly repair skin’s appearance for firmer, more sculpted and radiant-looking skin over time.

The V-Technology ingredients include :

  • CME – a Vitamin C & E Complex that helps support skin’s natural collagen production to help visibly lift and firm skin
  • Photozomes – photo activated enzymes with plankton extract helps support collagen and elastin so skin appears firmer and more youthful
  • Argireline – supports natural collagen production to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firm the look of skin

It contains moisturizing ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, glycerin and trehalose. I’m pleased to learn that it doesn’t contain any fragrance nor alcohol.

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Albion’s Special Edition 40th Anniversary Skin Conditioner Coffret


albion limited edition skin conditioner coffret

Albion’s Skin Conditioner, Albion’s star product, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and is launching a special edition 40th Anniversary Skin Conditioner Coffret, combining two of Albion’s best sellers – Skin Conditioner (330ml) and Eclafutur (15ml) – to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

I was glad to receive this special edition coffret from Albion Singapore recently.

albion skin conditioner

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ETUDE HOUSE Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF15/PA+ & Color in Liquid Lips


etude house face blur color in liquid lips

ETUDE HOUSE, the very first color make-up brand in Korea, has recently launched 2 new make-up products – Color in Liquid Lips and Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF15/PA+.

I was pleased to receive these new products from ETUDE HOUSE Singapore a few weeks ago.

etude house face blur

Shot Face Blur SPF15/PA+ is a multi-purpose cream, that acts like a makeup primer, to help smooth over your complexion and create the appearance of a plump, firm skin tone.

Priced at S$27.90 for 35g, its lightweight formula consists of the Airy Skin Powder to allow the skin to breathe comfortably without any heavy feeling. Unlike other cakey makeup primers which are usually filled with Silicone Gel that makes the skin feel “weighted down”.

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The Body Shop’s New Vitamin E Special Edition Skincare Collection


This 27th April, The Body Shop is proud to introduce a special edition skincare collection to its bestselling Vitamin E range, which has been a skincare success at The Body Shop for over three decades.

the body shop vitamin E eye cube

I was pleased to receive one of the products recently – the NEW Vitamin E Eyes Cube – thanks to The Body Shop Singapore.

the body shop vitamin E eyes cube

In celebration of this success, British icon has been introduced to the packaging design. Perfect for giving your skin the royal treatment, and treating your mum like a queen this Mother’s Day.

Retailing at only S$19.90, this latest addition Vitamin E Eyes Cube is an anti-fatigue stick that is designed to revive and refresh the appearance of the fatigue-looking eyes including dark circles and under-eye bags. Dark circles and signs of fatigue look is said to diminish, and the cooling massage effect helps depuff the appearance of under-eye bags.

the body shop vitamin E eyes cube

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This Apr 16th, MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching a new generation gloss – ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS – that allows your lips to achieve voluptuous shine with extreme color and stay-on power.

Available in an abundance of 35 luscious, high shine shades, ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS smoothens the lip surface when applied and creates high shine that lasts for as long as 5 hours.

The 35 show-stopping shades comprise of :

  • 5 harmonies of colors – 6 nude/beige shades, 10 pink shades, 7 coral shades, 7 red shades, 4 artistic shades and 1 transparent shade
  • 2 textures – Pearly (lip gloss effect) and Pure Color (lip tint effect)

I got to receive 3 of the 35 glossy shades recently, many thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER Singapore.

Tested by make-up artists from the fashion and entertainment industries, ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS pushes back the limits of shine as well as color, which is purer than ever and presented in a translucent base, says Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS is formulated with Plexiglas®, a material that was very popular in the 1980s. Dany Sanz has always been drawn to Plexiglas® and it is actually a Plexiglas® vanity case she was using at the time that inspired her to create ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss

ARTIST PLEXI-GLOSS comes with a new exclusive Superflex applicator. Its exclusive shape is split down one side, so it fills with gloss through a soft and supple foam material. The flat side of the applicator can therefore roll the color across the lips, using the rounded tip to fill the Cupid’s bow and the flat side to draw the lip contour with precision. The vinyl effect is ensure with no risk of bleeding.

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss

make up for ever artist plexi-gloss

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[Review] Marie France Pro-Freeze Treatment


Due to lack of exercise and aging, fat begin to accumulate in my lower body and I find it real hard to lose those belly fats! About a month ago, I was invited from Marie France Singapore to experience one of their tummy slimming treatments – Pro-Freeze (PFZ). I get to undergo this trial to share the experience from the recent consumer satisfaction survey, conducted by Nielsen. See below for more info.

Pro-Freeze is a new treatment that uses fat-freezing technology to safely and effectively remove the unwanted fat cells. What Pro-Freeze does is to ‘freeze’ away the fat bulges without the need of incisions, anaesthesia or surgery. With target cooling, the fat is safely chilled to ‘kill’ the fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues.

When fat cells are exposed to an extreme cold temperature, they will be ‘frozen’. These ‘frozen’ fat cells will be degenerated and eventually ‘die’ (a process called adipocyt apoptosis). These degenerated fat cells will be eliminated from the body via the body’s own metabolism system. It is claimed that it can permanently remove up to 25% of the unwanted fat in a single treatment session, thereby reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

marie france pro freeze

Pro-Freeze comes with two medium sized handpieces that help define the two sides of my tummy. I must say Pro-Freeze is pretty similar to Cool Sculpting. I have tested Cool Sculpting once when it was first launched many years ago. Cool Sculpting uses a larger applicator to treat the centre of my abdomen, whilst Pro-Freeze uses 2 smaller applicators that able to define the two sides of my abdomen. Both have their pros and cons, the results will vary depending on our distribution of fat at our abdomen.

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Watsons’ Girls Day Out Beauty Bash Event


watsons girls day out

Early last month, Watsons has hosted its biggest beauty bash Watsons Girls Day Out, bringing forth the latest health and beauty brands, be it cosmetics, hair, skincare, inner beauty supplements, health, as well as a few surprise brands to pamper oneself from head to toe. The beauty bash also showcased Watsons’ own brands – Watsons Hair Pro, Pure Beauty and all new skincare line – Divinia.

Watsons presents a lively carnival of exciting activities and informative beauty tips and advice from the experts themselves. In addition, Watsons has launched its Watsons eStore, the brand’s online portal, in conjunction with Watsons 27th birthday.

I got to preview more than 20 over range of products during the event. Featuring some of the previewed products below :

bioderma cleansing milk

Bioderma has introduced a new addition to its exclusive cleansing range – Sensibio Lait Cleansing Milk – exclusively available at Watsons, . Bioderma has an ultra-light texture that provides gentle cleansing and removal of makeup from face to eyes. Formulated with Toleridine® patent, it is claimed to increase skin tolerance and reduce skin sensitivity. Priced at S$26.90 for 250ml.

vichy ideal white

vichy ideal white

vichy ideal white

Vichy introduced a new whitening skincare range named Ideal White, specially created for Asian women. Ideal White’s new Metabolic Whitening complex is said to enhance the skin’s whitening balance and boosts skin’s metabolism for spotless, healthy glowing skin. The range consists of a Deep Cleansing Foam S$39, Cosmetic Water S$39, Essence S$65, Gel Cream S$69, oil-free Daily Ultra-Block in SPF 40 and SPF 50 S$49. This range is available at Derma Center, selected Watsons, Guardian and Unity.

hada labo

The Hada Labo Lotion is one of my favorite skincare products. It now comes with an advanced new generation of four interlocked Hyaluronic Acids that unlock the secret to ocean-deep hydration for the skin. It retails at S$22.90.

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The Face Shop 10-Step Korean Skincare Regimen


The Face Shop

Korea’s The Face Shop has recently hosted a mini workshop to walk us (bloggers) through the 10-step Korean Skincare Regimen.

Step 1, 2 and 3 consist of Cleansing, Replenish and Tone respectively. First remove dirt and impurities from your skin with Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Glowing Cleansing Foam. And kick start your skincare journey with a boost of Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Treatment Essence. It is a multi-functional water based boosting essence which helps to boost next product efficacy. This unique step is an addition to our usual skincare regimen. Next step, revitalize your skin by toning your face with Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Toner.

Step 4 – Balance. Indulge your skin with a sheet mask soaked with dual skincare functional Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Mask Sheet - a premium 24k gold double functional hydro-gel mask sheet effectively improves skin tone and elasticity.

Step 5 – Boost. After masking, further boost your skin for the next few skincare steps by applying Seed in Seed Core Seed Purifying Essence which is rich in antioxidant.

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Thermage CPT Procedure Revisited


Recently, Asia Healthcare Associates, the exclusive distributor for Thermage, has organized a private event to re-introduce the Thermage CPT procedure. In addition to Thermage, Asia Healthcare Associates also distributes Fraxel, Liposonix and Clear + Brilliant.

The Thermage Patient event was held at Pheonix Medical Group @ HillV2 at HillviewRise.

What is Thermage? Well, in short, Thermage procedure can help smooth, tighten and contour your skin for an overall younger looking appearance in a single treatment without surgery or injections. Thermage procedures can effectively and safely treat fine lines and wrinkles on most body parts, including the face, neck, eyes, tummy, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks.

I must confess I’m a big fan of Thermage. This is one aesthetics treatment which I swear about. As I age, the collagen in my skin breaks down, resulting in sagging skin, nasolabiol folds and marionette lines. The new Thermage CPT System uses patented radiofrequency technology to safely heat the deeper layers of my skin, stimulating my existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.

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Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector with SPF 30


Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector with SPF 30

Recently, I’ve received an interesting eye product from Kiehl’s Singapore and it is the new Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective™ Dark Circle Perfector with SPF 30. Two things that really excite me – it provides broad spectrum UV protection with 100% mineral filter and it comes with a natural mineral tint universal shade.

In addition, it is formulated with a vitamin C-derived ingredient (Activated C) and it is free of paraben and fragrance. Vitamin C is said to help improve collagen production, reduce fine lines and pigmentation. :D

Dark circles under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern that affect over 139 million women globally. In Asia, dark circles are said to be the #2 concern behind wrinkles. The common causes are poor circulation, puffiness and age-related factors such as UV damage and melanin production (under eye discoloration).

Kiehl’s Chemists address dark circles by offering this new, 3-action solution that :

  1. Instantly brightens and perfects the skin: Formulated with Amino Acid treated Mineral Pigments to instantly help diminish the appearance of dark circles and brighten the under eye area.
  2. Brightens overtime by reducing hyperpigmentation: Activated C and Licorice Root are used within the formula to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation.
  3. Protection: Developed with Broad Spectrum SPF 30, utilizing a 100% mineral UV filter to minimize future UV damage and discoloration.

Dark circles are commonly attributed to thin skin and pooling of blood under the skin surface. A tough area to address and one that contributes to “an aged, tired-looking eye-area”, many eye creams simply rely on caffeine for puffiness and skin boosting ingredients that claim to make skin less transparent.

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